The Second Annual Jibassic Pro Rail Jam at Boreal Mountain will not include skiers this year. In my eyes this event was one of the most progressive events last year. Pros like T. Rains, Grete, Vanular, Parker, Max Peters, Ian Cosco, J.F. Houle and some no name- tahoe locals (eh... up and comers!) like myself participated in the event on October 15. Plehouse premiered their film “Whiteshine,” Eric Iberg announced the entire rail jam and about 3,000 people attended. The set up was perfect to trick on and mellow enough for the middle of October when no one had skied in months. Snowboarders like Jake Devine and Ben Bogart threw down in the rail jam and two snowboard videos were premiered: Misschief films and Standard. The event was rider- judged and Max Peters and Grete won hands down. It could have even been a unanimous vote, I’m not sure. Max was throwing 270 on- blind side switch up- 270 out on the down- flat- down box and Grete had 270 on locked down on the urban style down box. It was purely a mountain culture event: Bon- fire, booze, probably some deew spelled backwards. Everyone was freezing their asses off, bundled up together watching their favorite pros and some of the best ski and snowbaord movies of the year. It was a sure sign that the 05-06 ski season was right around the corner and everyone was stoked. This year the event will not include skiers. Many ski companies wanted to be at the event, send their skiers, put up banners but no one wanted to give anything more then a hoodie to give away to the winner. I’ll be there this year on October 14th, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It will be fun to reunite with some friends that I haven’t seen since last season and watch some sick snowboarding but when I see people and they are like: “Hey Becca! How come there are no skiers this year?” I am not sure I’m going to have a good answer.

Here are some pictures from last year’s event (photos by: Tyler McPherron)

J.F Houle was in the plehouse movie and in rail jam

Grete probably about to 270- out

Max Peters


Iberg annoucing and me about to go

me on the down- flat- down


corey vanular spinning out

snowboarder about to eat it!

snowboarder killing it