C.R. Johnson was born and raised in Truckee, Lake Tahoe California.He grew up skiing Squaw Valley Resort.At Squaw Valley, Johnson spent his time lapping the terrain park and charging difficult chutes and bowls.Johnson quickly developed a large range of tricks and excellent big mountain skills.In addition to skiing, Johnson enjoyed surfing, fly-fishing, traveling, and spending time with close friends and family.

In 1999, Johnson emerged on the freeskiing scene when he successfully landed a 1440.The skiing community quickly recognized Johnson as a talented young star who could help progress free skiing. His passion for skiing and dedication to improve propelled him to become one of the best free skiers in the world.

On December 8, 2005 Johnson was filming his latest movie, Show and Prove when he suffered a life threatening injury. He was skiing at Brighton Ski Resort in Utah on a powder day, when he and Kye Peterson, along with the snowboarders Zach Siebert & Tommi Ylianttila, launched off natural features under the Millicent chair, one after another. Johnson being the first one to descend stopped after landing an air to collect his gear, when Kye Peterson struck him right below his helmet. The impact knocked Johnson unconscious for about three minutes. When help arrived he was immediately sedated and flown to the University of Utah Hospital. There he was put into intensive care but his recovery was questionable. For 10 days, Johnson remained in a medically induced coma. However on December 18, 2005, Johnson opened his eyes halfway.Johnson was determined to start skiing again.He was not going to let his life-threatening injury prevent him from doing what he loved.In 2007, Johnson began the ski season with the attitude and mindset that he would return to his original form.That November and December he spent six weeks in Colorado training half-pipe.Unfortunately, Johnson had a hard time progressing and decided he was not strong enough to compete.At the end of the year, Johnson had overcome many mental hurdles and reestablished a new direction for his ski career.He decided to concentrate on filming and progressing his backcountry skiing. In 2008 and 2009, Johnson continued to travel and film with several ski production companies.He continued to improve and in 2010 Johnson placed third at the Red Bull Line Catcher event in France.

On February 24, 2010, at age 26, Johnson died skiing at Squaw Valley Ski Resort in the Light Towers area. He had chosen an extreme rocky line to go down the mountain and caught on an exposed rock which caused him to fall . Medical assistance arrived several minutes after the incident but pronounced him dead on the scene. His death had significant impact throughout the freeskiing, mountain sport, and especially in the Squaw Valley community which has lost several high profile athletes near the end of the decade.


Legends May sleep but they will never die!

His beautiful segment in the movie Every Day is a Saturday...


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I did not write this but thats not the point, i only copied the text so you could clearly undersand what is life was all about. RIP C.R.Johnson, Forever in our Hearts