Cover photo of Magnus by Christian Raguse

Ski teams are typically a calculated combination of old legends, big name film stars and competition skiers with just a dose of underground talent. Brands need to appeal to a wide audience, so teams are formulated with skiers appearing across multiple platforms. For the past few years, the consensus has been that Faction is the most stacked team in the business - Candide, Johnny Collinson and Kelly Sildaru easily tick off the boxes. However, ON3P’s team has been switching up these traditional standards and has arguably become one of the most stacked teams in the business.

LSM with a stylish hand-drag by Christian Raguse

To begin with, the ON3P team manager Jay Volak has purposefully brought on athletes that stand out with heavily stylised skiing. “Style is huge for me as a team manager and content producer. To have an artistic and unique approach to the street, park, or mountain is key.” So while the majority of the team have yet to become big-name skiers, at least in the eyes of the mainstream, their creativity is unmatched. At this point, it's easy to spot ON3P’s trademark green bases in nearly every urban segment that's been put out this year. It’s a risky move to market their skis directly to such a select, core group of skiers but Jay believes it will pay off.

This year, Magnus' appearance in X-Games Real Ski was the only mainstream competition any of the ON3P riders competed in. He won against fan favorites Henrik Harlaut and Tom Wallisch, as well as LJ Strenio with his beyond-human-limits performance. What Magnus lacked in spins, he made up for through creativity and fluidity. Often this style gets shot down as ‘not-real-skiing’, but Jay pointed out that “What gets lost in translation sometimes is just how difficult some of these tricks are that Magnus, LSM, Mango, Siver, etc pull off with ease.”

Photo of a sideways Magnus by Jamie Walter

Jay has built out ON3P's team to fit their motto, #goskiingwithyourfriends. This year they have added Ian, Mango, Rosi and more to their team, all of whom are friends with current riders, as well as standouts in their own right. The ON3P riders aren't skiing with each other because they're contractually obligated to, but because they genuinely want to. They’re not regularly seen in the biggest name productions, but watch for them in SLVSH games, underground films, edits, and ON3P in-house projects. Each is pushing the innovations and limits of skiing in their own way.

In September ON3P released ON3P 1, the first in-house mini-movie created by the company. It features Magnus, LSM, Meeks, Anttu, Karl Fostvedt and Jake Doan.

The majority of content the team puts out isn’t dependent on deep powder days in untouchable terrain or perfectly groomed parks with massive features. Yet, the team's skiers are at the top of their respective ski-niches and have shown they can push innovation in any condition. Can everyone compete at the spin-to-win level? No. Does everyone have access to the dreamiest untouched lines in the backcountry? Definitely not. But is it possible for anyone to just go skiing with their friends? Absolutely - whether they live in the hills of the midwest or the pillows of British Columbia.