North Vancouver BC - This season Grouse Mountain is launching a ground breaking program that is going to change the face of our terrain parks: Build Your Own Park. We are giving our passholders and park locals the opportunity to design the parks all season long. Through a series of surveys, you will be able to vote on what features should be built next as well as provide feedback on the current setup. We will also be creating regular video diaries on our YouTube channel. We’ll not only build what you ask for, but we’ll show the progress, challenges and successes behind the Grouse Mountain Parks.

With one of the largest passholder bases in North America, its safe to say that there is a large and strong following of park rats. Our Parks survey at the end of last winter season generated the fastest and largest response of any winter survey we’ve ever done. In fact, it gave us so many ideas and so much input that we decided to do something completely different this winter: let you build the parks. I mean, why not, right? You ride it, you know it, and if you build it, chances are it’s going to be exactly what you want.

The first survey is currently up and running so go to to vote, read up on program details and get involved in our park designs!

Introducing Dave Cashen… Parks Supervisor

New to the Grouse Mountain team is Parks Supervisor Dave Cashen. If you have not heard of Cashen then you better brush up on your Wildcat video library and Canadian snowboard history. He is an excellent addition to Grouse Mountain and will be assisting in taking Grouse Mountain to the next level. Dave is tasked with building the best parks Grouse Mountain has ever seen by marrying your and his own ideas with the necessity of safety and staying on budget.

Cashen states: “I'm really excited about starting my first season at Grouse Mountain. Being able to work and play in the snow is my passion. I have lots of experience when it comes to creating and building freestyle terrain, and I plan to use that experience with the help of my park crew to create and maintain the best park Grouse Mountain has ever seen.”

Dave has spent the last 17 years or so in the ski and snowboard industry as a sponsored professional snowboarder, company owner, coach at Camp of Champions & Icarus Shreducation, film maker, park designer/builder and all aspects in between.

Stay tuned for more Grouse Mountain updates, and team and event announcements.