Tourists in Budapest!
Red Bull is hooking us up big time down here. Today they took us to a ''thermal bath''. A place where they had like a million pools and other pimp shit like that!
Oscar really wanted to go for a massage, but we talked him out of it.
After the bath they took us to the oldest and pimpest resturant in Budapest. It was really ''expensive'', funny thing is that a main course was the same prize as a pizza in Norway! But you can't really compare anything to Norway though, Norway is way to expensive. This resturant was about 8 times more expensive than an regular resturant down here, and the food was amazing!
At 2 o'clock it was time for practice!
4 hours later it was on:) yeah, it got delayed quite a bit! The Jump was far from perfect and the landing was really soft. One guy managed to land switch cause of the transition at the bottom! Lolo Favre was the guy, he's stroooong! Hopefully they do what we told them to do for tomorrow and make it better.
Last I want to say to the ladies of Budapest, Ur HOT!! This is me falling in love with 9 dancer chicks, They were ok dancers as well:)Good night!