Interview by Kyle Meyr

Breaking the mold that has dictated the ski film industry since its birth, Chaoz Productions is proud to present their fourth movie, "Broken Record". Shot entirely on HD and RED One cameras, Chaoz Productions invites you to enjoy the best that Norway has to offer in skiing with annotation from the riders along the way to bring you closer than the usual third-person perspective. “Broken Record” captures some of the greatest talent in the ski industry on their home turf with breathtaking scenery only found in Norway. Variation being the name of the game, “Broken Record” sees the debut of many female riders, big mountain skiing and other athletes as members of the Chaoz family. This cast of both new and returning faces has teamed up to create a truly unforgettable cinematic experience that speaks for itself.

Photo by Daniel Tengs

We recently had the chance to catch up with the producer of "Broken Record", Eivind Aurstad, to hear more about what to expect from his latest film.

Chaoz Productions' Eivind Aurstad. Photo by Sverre Hjornevik

Why did you end up calling the movie Broken Record?

Eivind Aurstad: I think the name describes our previous movies pretty well where we did the same thing over and over again. So since this year’s movie will be pretty different from our previous productions, we decided to call it Broken Record to emphasize its separation from what we’ve done in the past.

Photo by Kyle Meyr

What can we look forward to seeing in Broken Record?

Eivind Aurstad: Intense action and breathtaking scenery! We’re lucky enough to live in Norway where we have the best scenery a ski filmmaker could ever dream of. The fjords and mountains really give us some unique shots and when you combine that with some of the best skiers in the world, you can’t go wrong!

Gaute Silseth. Photo by Daniel Tengs

Lasse Nyhaugen. Photo by Kyle Meyr

How will Broken Record differ from the rest of your movies?

Eivind Aurstad: First of all, this is the first year we’ve been shooting big mountain. I’m really stoked on that and this is something I really want to continue with in the future. Since we’ve been shooting big mountain, we also have some new riders in the Chaoz family, like Grete Eliassen and two-time Freeride World Tour Champion Ane Enderud. It’s always good to do something new, and not follow the same old path. The other thing is that this year’s movie will have a much more documentary-style feeling than before. You will get to know the riders a bit more, and hear their reactions both before and after the sessions. I hope this will make the movie appeal to a bigger audience then before, not just the hardcore ski crowd. The movie will also be divided by location so that each of our trips will have its own segment.

Ane Enderud, Grete Eliassen & Karina Hollekim. Photo by Erlend Haugen

What will separate Broken Record from the rest of the films that will be coming out this fall?

Eivind Aurstad: As I said earlier, we’ve been filming on some pretty unique locations this year, so perhaps that’s something that will separate us from many others. One other important thing to mention is that the whole movie was shot only in Norway, so I think that’s pretty unique for a professional ski movie, to only be shot in one country.

Ane Enderud. Photo by Erlend Haugen

Karina Hollekim. Photo by Erlend Haugen

When can we expect to see the film and how can we get a hold of it?

Eivind Aurstad: I’m glad to tell everyone that the movie will be 100% free of charge! If you live in Norway, the movie will be distributed as a DVD insert in a couple of magazines in November, and we will also be releasing the movie on the web in December through various channels including our own website, Newschoolers, Downdays, Fri Flyt, etc. You can’t miss it!

Ane Enderud & Karina Hollekim. Photo by Erlend Haugen

Any last words?

Eivind Aurstad: First of all I have to thank all of our sponsors, SB Sportswear, Missing Link and Völkl, along with our media partners, Fri Flyt, Newschoolers, Downdays and FHM. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible. And of course, I hope you guys like the trailer!


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