We all saw it. We were all disappointed. X games Aspen, 2021. We saw gnarly tricks left and right but most of us will agree that the innovative and creative tricks were not rewarded the way they should’ve been. I love watching the x games every year but the judging seems to get worse and worse. However, I have come up with ideas. For comps like pipe, big air, and slope it would be amazing to see more of the thought process of the judges to get a better understanding of their ranks. My MAIN idea comes into effect in the knuckle huck. A fan vote. Similar to the real ski competition where we see a first second and third as well as a fan favorite. We could see the same in knuckle huck. At the tail end of the live event everyone could take a survey or text a number online to cast their vote to determine the fan favorite in the knuckle huck event. I feel that this would give even more recognition to the athletes as well as unite the skiing community even more. For example Dollo could have taken gold, however Jesper could have been recognized as the fan favorite for knuckle huck. Anyone else have opinions?