Yesterday I found out I had got the height-sickness. That pretty much means I have gone too high above sea-level too quick, and my head has swollen up = bad headache. Well I decided to go to Breck anyways, something I don’t regret afterwards. Me and Marius Kjølseth did some hot laps throughout the medium line with camera, and we got a few good follows. The park was absolutely insane, with 6 jumps, 20-25 rails and a lot of other obstacles.

Here are a few screenshots from the actual HD shots.

Marius sitdown cork 5 to riches. So hot!

Marius in a blind-switch-up, pretzel 270 out. I was shocked by all the elements they have been able to put up here. And everything is perfectly shaped! Maybe not that sick, but since it’s my first time here in the full park  I choose to be super-stoked!!

Superfront by yours truly. Can’t hate that trick! Absolutely 100% fun.

Me + rails = snowy clothes after crashes. Good thing I wear a but-saver, back-protector + helmet. To much equipement you might say? Needed I say!

Rodeo 540 to allmost hitting Marius in the air. Well, don’t say I didn’t told you I would drift against you!

My body is absolutely beat to death by now, and the jetlag is still getting the hold of me, hopefully it will end soon. I will try to put up an edit from Breck with me and Marius soon, but my computer don’t like HD quality. Makes it horrible to edit video. I need some dinner, long day!

My sister is turning super-sweet sixteen today. Congrats from USA!