After last week’s reported WBC protest at the Winter Dew Tour, the Newschoolers team was greeted with uncertainty by the Colorado resort. "I'm not worried about the Westboro Baptist Church, but I'm always worried about Newschoolers," a Breckenridge PR spokesperson said last weekend.

Newschoolers' reputation has been troubling resorts, brands, and party-poopers everywhere, who seek to maintain a clean, snow-white public appearance. The spokesperson continued, “I’m just afraid of what happens if ‘Big Rig’ Doug Bishop runs out of fuel.” The hard partying, no BS antics of the Newschoolers crew led by the fucking flabongo have been keeping Snapchat audiences captivated, yet have brought increased security attention.

The WBC “Quads for God” message strikes a familiar tone to the religious Texan consumer base that Breckenridge thrives on, while the very prospect of hosting Newschoolers and partner in crime Virtka struck fear into the heart of Breckenridge officials. “The WBC would have been no problem, in fact we support the progression of skiing into quads as well, but we have had a security team close behind Doug, Troy and the team all weekend.”