Words: Julie WeinbergerPhotos: Julie Weinberger, Connor WalbergLast Friday, three days of competition with a $10,300 purse kicked off at

Breckenridge as part of this season’s Spring Massive festival.The first contest was a rail jam to benefit local rider Matt Wyffels, who was injured in a snowboarding accident five years ago. All entry fees from the rail jam were given to Wyffels. The jam consisted of three features, with riders spending 30 minutes on each. A winner was chosen on each rail: a down rail, a down-flat-down box and Breckenridge’s signature feature, a skate-style ramp with multiple options. And Wyffels gave back his benefit funds to other deserving participants.

Hey, did Breck steal that thing from the city parks department?
You can make fun of the jacket, but just remember: Paul Cotter was already backflipping onto rails back when you thought Jonny Moseley was cool.
Breck has opted for the John Deere lookOn the down rail, we mostly saw 270s on, 270s off and switch-ups. Clay Bryant was buttering on, adding a little diversity to the mix. From there, the skiers hiked back up the hill to Breck’s signature feature: a flat box with a slanted mini-wall type thing on skier’s left. From spinning across the wall to jumping from the wall to the box to gapping the box to simply sliding the box, this feature allowed for the most creativity. Finally, it was on to the down-flat-down box. Since this box was so long, a lot of skiers were spinning like crazy: 270s on, multiple switch-ups, 270s out, a couple of 450s out, gapping to the second down, pretzels, the list goes on.
something about this photo makes life that much steezier
wow, nice jump stencilWinners in the pro division included David Lesh, Luke Nutting and B Devine. Aidan Sheahan—placing first on two features—and Kyle Keating won the amateurs. The Wyffels Choice Award went to Paul Cotter.
Paul Cotter on his way to the Wyffel's ChoiceThen, the cloudy, windy weather cleared for Saturday’s slopestyle event. With temperatures in the mid-30s and brilliantly blue skies, the contest went off. Two jump lines and a slew of rails gave skiers a bunch of options. Adam Delorme took the win with a blindside 270 off the top rail into a switch cork 7 to a switch 10 to a zero spin off Breck’s huge jump line. Everly Gohman finished second, tossing a double back off jump three. Luke Nutting rounded out the podium. For the women, Colby Adams placed first followed by Keri Herman and Jen Hirsch.
Landon Spear, some snowy mountains, and a bunch of trees
Josh Bishop, some snowy mountains, a bunch of trees and a Breckenridge flag
Some trees, a groomer, another Breckenridge flag and an unidentified flying object
Backslide madness
Chapman Geer... that's a hell of a name
Chapman again
Adam Delorme is a Fat-ypusOn Sunday, the weekend wrapped up with a pipe contest. Just like on Saturday, Everly went huge, taking the win. His bottom two hits were as big if not bigger than his first hit. Duncan Adams took second with consistently clean hits followed by Walter Wood in third. While he couldn’t put a whole run to his feet, Delorme’s amplitude was certainly a crowd pleaser. For the ladies, Keri Herman took first with back-to-back 540s followed by Lauren Alkire and Zoe Booth.

Everly Gohman

Lauren AlkireWith three events in three days, riders got the chance to showcase what they worked on all winter in Breckenridge’s world class park to close out the 2006/2007 season.
Attack of the schwag
Oh boy
Nice goggle tans boys!