Breckenridge, CO- Following the disappointing cancellation of the newly reimagined halfpipe competition at the Dew Tour this December, Breckenridge has posted their halfpipe for sale on A Breckenridge spokesperson told the Radical Radish that they built the pipe for this year’s Dew Tour, but didn’t have a snowcat strong enough to tow it out of the shed and onto the mountain.

After spending nearly $500,000 building the halfpipe, Breckenridge planned to attract the best athletes in skiing to help breathe a new life into the sport that has grown somewhat stale since the 2014 Olympic games. “This was going to be our year,” the spokesperson continued, “I just hope it goes to someone that can support a real contest.”

The Craigslist ad suggests that the pipe would be a nice Christmas present. The Breckenridge officials added a few possible destinations for the pipe as well, saying “maybe the Simple guys can sell a couple extra pizzas and get it up to Whistler. Or maybe Dan, and Tobias’ new company will take off, and we can get it out to The Bunch’s Creation Nation.”

Newschoolers General Manager Doug Bishop has reportedly inquired about the sale, however, he told the Radical Radish that he’s doubtful that Newschoolers’ parent company will approve the purchase. Bishop’s message said he’d do everything in his power to hide the cost in Newschoolers’ expense reports and even include his 8/10 Dripset 2XL Hoodie (no piling).

Halfpipe skiing is becoming an ever more specialized discipline, with a wedge being driven deep between those skiers who have the resources of national teams, and regular everyday skiers. We can only hope that Breckenridge’s halfpipe lands in good hands. lar everyday skiers. We can only hope that Breckenridge’s halfpipe lands in good hands.