What was intended to be a casual day of touring for Nick Goepper turned out to have an unexpected twist. While searching for powder in the backcountry of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Giray Dadali (better known as Ahmet’s brother), led an unknowing Goepper to the ever-elusive Chad’s Gap. It can be assumed the duo found the location from the bottom of Alta, but neither has confirmed.

Although the kicker is not yet built this year, Goepper unintentionally led followers to believe he was hitting the infamous gap on Instagram, posting “Hittin chads today.” However, he later retracted that, claiming it was a joke or #fakenews.

When asked by Giray about what he thought of Chad’s, Goepper replied, “I think it’s pretty crazy man,” and proceeded to dreamily say, “one day”... which could mean that the skier might one day hit the 120-foot gap. “Park rats in the backcountry man…” the slopestyle skier added as an afterthought. He then spent the day tricking smaller features in Grizzly Gulch that did not require such a large build to hit.


Now the greater question is: With all the hype surrounding Chad’s Gap this winter, will it be built this season? Who's going to be the first to hit it?