It's the finals for the Red Bull Bracket Reel Snow, if you don't know what this is, Red Bull describes it as, "Each week, teams will face off, creating their own unique video. The team with the most votes on the competition site advances to the next round. After four brutal rounds of head-to-head competition, the last team standing is crowned champion of Red Bull Bracket Reel Snow."

The Bozeman Sewer Mutants are back again, and they're in the finals. This team of skiers runs Bridger Bowl, and still has time to take their exams. Montana State is known for being a ski bum school, and this group of skiers proves it. The Sewer Mutants are composed of skiers: ABEL BARNHART, NASH LISAC, NICK HALL, KENZIE LISAC, JAMES ABLONDI, and COLE HISTON- with CAMERON CAMPBELL as the Filmer/Editor.

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*thanks to Kenzie for the pictures*