Words: Ian Reynolds

Photos: Ian Reynolds, Tim Fater & Chris McMahon

I’m not a pro. I’m not a ski bum. I’m a skier who has, at least partially, been forced to neglect passion for responsibility. Trying to balance work and passion is one of life’s greatest hurdles; only a select few are lucky enough to combine the two. I think that’s called living the dream. Besides those lucky few, the vast majority of skiers are forced into the role of the so-called weekend warrior. This is the story of those in between.

Boston and Back is a project put forth to showcase the life of the majority, balancing skiing with work and responsibility. The presentation of the other side of skiing is often left behind as we track the lives of the pros, bums and industry types, making the relatable, well, unrelatable. It doesn’t need to be. We put in our office time, but we’ve also had stomach deep powder days, found those illusive secret stashes and shared as many smiles as most. Sure, we have to work hard for it. And we always seem to come down with a sniffle the day before a big snow storm; it’s the darndest thing. But that’s what makes it so rewarding. Knowing we are getting away from it all and scoring when most are at work.

As the winter moves forward Tim Fater and I, and our respective groups of friends, will document our lives as working professionals with a passion for skiing. We will present our winter as a story, showcasing both sides of life. Every week expect new stories, new characters, new photos and a further understanding of what it takes to continue a passion amidst life. In addition to weekly articles, there will be a documentary-style web edit put together once a month starting in January.

Whether you are a high school kid planning for college, a college student struggling with the constant workload (and hangover), or a professional living in the urban wilderness, you are one of us, a passionate skier. Everyone has their own story, this is ours.

I have been a skier since I was three years old. Born and raised in Vermont, I went on to attend Champlain College, and have always been close to the mountains and my sport. After college, I moved to Utah for a season but, as we all know, life moves on, relationships beckon and bills need be paid. I now find myself living around Boston, working from a cube, watching websites patiently for the newest web edit not blocked my office’s firewall. The thing I remind myself of is, first, I am a skier, second I am a professional and as long as the balance remains, my life is on track.

Tim Fater has been a contributing writer for SkiTheEast.net since 2006. Tim is also one of the co-founders of the Ski The East Freeride Tour (STEFT), which celebrated its inaugural season this past 2009-2010 winter. Tim is originally from Rhode Island and was raised skiing Stowe with his family. He currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts and has called Jay Peak his home mountain for the last number of years.

As snow begins to fly and the winter swings into full force check out our featured blog called Boston and Back right here on Newschoolers, along with featured articles on Ski The East, to find out what we are up to and how our winters are shaping up. You’ll find our weekly column, new photos, and of course the monthly edits, starting in January. We’ll be pushing for as many days as we can on the hill this winter. See you out there.