Thanks to a few super cold days up on Donner Pass, the folks at Boreal and their kick ass snow making system were able to pull enough snow together to get two runs and two lifts of jibs, jumps, and wall rides for all the Tahoe area kids to enjoy. They opened up Friday morning with the smaller double chair with the run scattered with jibs and then around four in the afternoon they opened up the Castle peak quad and the fun really got going. With over 1000 people coming out to enjoy the day and evening of shred, it seemed everyone was out with early season excitement.

This Years Jibassic Public Invitational is the 6th consecutive year they have held the event and the second year the great folks at Boreal have given back to the kids with a Thousand dollars in 10 dollar bills for sick tricks or gnar bails. It was a great evening of shred and it continued on through the weekend. Rumor has it Boreal will stay open this week but only for the evening shred. Check for more.

Mellow lift line thanks to two chairs.

Run one, Yea we didnt get the 40 inches Jackson Hole got. But we made it work.

Run two, the mini jib run.

After a couple hours on the Castle Peak Quad we started to give some cash away. Its a recession but they still gave a grand back to the kids.

Blair Esson hanging onto a back tail.

JSLV’s and Smokin’s Max Weinberger with a very powerful triangle

Gapping the Battleship.

Dakota Whitaker adding the grab.

Make that money

Dave Abarta from 3L apparel

Oh yea. We had some fun

Ahh. Nothing like a little air time. Sweet hip/ wall ride landing

Dave Abarta Airing it out.

I wanna give a big thanks to the folks at Boreal for making this happen including Jodi, Eric, Jon, Lane, Shaydar, Hollywood, Julian, Pablo, and everyone else who I forgot. I had a great time and cant wait for what is to come this season at Boreal. They will be rocking the hip cutter all season this year as well as a new which cat so they are gonna have tranny and great landings all over the hill. Make sure you check out for more. See you when the snow falls.