StartFragmentStartFragmentHere is a short interview and edit of our newest flow team skier...Name: Ian HamiltonAge: 17Born: Missoula, MontanaHome Mtn: Snowbowl MontanaIs this where you have always skied? Yep, season pass since i was 3Crew: Missoula Freestyle TeamFavorite Trick: Cork 10 tailWhat music is bumping in your headphones most of thetime?I usually got some swollen members,sweatshop union, slightly stoopid, and of course some basshunter bumpinin the buds.You had a pretty bad injury? What happened? It was on a flat to down gapbox, i 270'd onto the flat and lost my balance and started to fall forwardabout the middle of the flat and fell directly onto the top edge of the downbox with my leg. I fractured my femur and my knee is really swollen.How has this effected your skiing? Well i will definetly scopefeatures more thoroughly and do more warm up tricks.What are some of your ski goals? I want to get some sweet doubleflips this summer, and attend some big competitions next year.You mentioned that you want to learn some doubles. Do you think that doubles are starting to become a stock trick for pros andeven amateurs?Yeah i mean with water rampsthere is just such a consequence free environment to learn these tricks thatthey are going to become commonplace. And there are going to become moresteezy doubles, people will start to create their own doubles because there areso many possibilities.What skier influences your skiing the most?Probably my buddy joe dillon, heis always doing thing that everyone thinks will fail and he just makes it workand makes it sick!!! He is always pushing me to do things differentlythan i usually would.Any shout outs?Gotta shout out to my boys inedmonton, and my crew in montana of course. Ian Hamilton 2009 season edit from Ian Hamilton on Vimeo.