"Boom Bye Yeah !" will be the first film from the new crew Awone Films. Here's the teaser, you can watch it in HD on vimeo or youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWUAKzqbEPw).

The full movie will be free for watching it online on http://www.awonefilms.com or http://www.skipass.com. It will drop out in October 09.

Produced / Directed / Filmed / Edited : Jules Guarneri

Motion Graphics : Jonathan Monnay

Music : Bandit - Ecce Homo Op. 2

Featuring : Laurent DeMartin, Lionel Dupertuis, Nicolas Vuignier, Gil Mayencourt, Alex Chabod, Jonathan Monnay, Nils Diem, Papillion Coasne, Jolan Chappaz, Elliot Maire, Patrick Wider and many more.