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We are hopeful that this letter finds you in paradise. However, it's time to hang up your coconut undergarments, take the umbrella out of your drink, and start thinking about the 10th anniversary of Bomb Snow.

Over the last ten years, Bomb Snow has evolved from a college project, to a free rag printed on cheap dead trees, to a free rag that's too expensive to print with expensive ink on expensive paper.

To celebrate this milestone, we're aiming to progress into a new medium. Rather than making another magazine for our 10th anniversary, we are putting together a 140-page book. This book will definitely include some throwbacks, but that isn't where you come in. What we need from you is creative content that will be worthy of re-publishing when our 20th anniversary rolls around.

Our magazine's identity is upheld by our diverse readership, so instead of trying to come up with pitches that you think will appeal to us, try to impress them instead. If you don't know the kind of people we are talking about, think about the last place you saw a copy of Bomb Snow - the specialty shop, the speakeasy, the dirtbag chalet, or the indoor out-house where meaningful art, fun storytelling, and eccentric opinions are endeared.

So, what do you have for us?