It was the winter of 2001/2002. Tall tees were dew rags, no one knew who Pep Fujas was, Tanner Hall was beginning his world domination tour, JF Cusson was on his way to the life of a Noam Chomsky enthusiast/golfer, and Mammoth had an unbreakable chokehold on the bleeding edge of the park skiing scene.

Candide Thovex

It was that winter in Mammoth that David Levin shot Blunt. Levin was a fortunate individual, finding himself in the right place at the right time. He happened into sharing floor space in the loft of Mammoth Fireside number 309, a dirty old three-story condo that could probably be compared to the 4bi9 house of the current generation. Other residents included Phil Belanger, Sarah Burke, Kristi Leskinen, and fellow filmmaker Eric Iberg along with his buddy from Minnesota, John Schmidt. Rarely were they sole occupants of the place. 309 turned into THE place to stay in Mammoth if you were a traveling professional skier, and it wasn't uncommon to have an additional half dozen dirt bag skiers slumming around the place at any given time.

Blunt Teaser

Over the course of the winter and with the help of some leftover PBP footage gifted by Johnny D, Levin managed to string together more than a few memorable sections. Blunt included Pep Fujas' first ever full-length video part, Tanner Hall and Mickael Deschenaux ushering in a new era of style that still shows today, The 3 Phils putting on a "how to spin slow, off-axis and with style" clinic, and perhaps most memorably, JF Cusson's own three-part mini series "The Comedy Hour", which featured JF just being JF, a side of the guy that most of the skiing public had never experienced first hand.

JF Cusson

Eight years later, Levin got his ducks in a row and he's releasing this little gem in full for free online. The first of three sections of the video (along with the trailer) is available below, the second is about to go live, and the third and final part will be online early next week. Check it out!

Blunt Part 1