I'm taking over Blue Name Bangers again today after last week's banger filled offering. Twig put it best in his intro to the series, saying "there are so many members posting amazing content week in, week out. Content that doesn't get the attention it deserves. The idea is a showcase of you guys, the community, the heart of what makes us, well, us."

Without further ado, time for a smorgasbord of offerings and the made up awards we're giving out this week!

Whippin' In The Kitchen Award


The Soup Crew headed to the Great White North in search of pow during the dry spell in Utah and even though they ran into some sketch weather, the boys still threw down just like they always do.

Oooo Baby I Like It Raw Award


It doesn't get much more pure than the sound of skis slamming into metal & nothing else. The FBU crew got extra snappy with their rail maneuvers a la Cole Drexler.

One Night Stand Award


Etienne is, as the song states, the "motherfuckin hotboy bouncin' off the Northside" with several serious night moves that are bound to make you watch them again and again.

Full Serving Of Veggies Award


Broccoli Bob came correct to the Breck parks with a very spicy rail & jump game combo.

Final Frontier Award


Longtime NS member Garrett. went home for 2 weeks to AK and went off in the BC & at the resort. The gorgeous backdrop of AK along with the spectacular filming really capped off an already dope edit.