I'm taking over Blue Name Bangers for today after Twig kicked it off with the inaugural showcase last week. He put it best in his intro to the series, saying "there are so many members posting amazing content week in, week out. Content that doesn't get the attention it deserves. The idea is a showcase of you guys, the community, the heart of what makes us, well, us."

Without further ado, time for some spring time heaters and the made up awards we're giving out this week!

Big Cottonwood Bosspimps Award


Chase Mohrman & Mike Carmazzi were riding around and getting it all over Brighton the past couple weeks. From the pow to the park, this dynamic duo made BTown their bitch.

Colorado Eyecandy Award


Josh Karcher is teasing us with scraps in his latest edit but that's ok when every "scrapped" shot is better than most people's bangers.

Transplant Team Award


Both filmer and rider hailing from the Beast Coast linked up during their Spring Breaks to film in the jungle heat of PC last week. This is also one of the most professionally shot edits I've seen in a long time.

Backyard Bash Award


Andrew Bock has 2 things going for him in this edit: hilarious cut backs to 8 years ago when he was hitting rails in his backyard and the shots from nowadays where he's killing it with right 2 on to left 4 combos. I find it pretty awesome when skiers include throwback shots and you can see how much they've progressed throughout the years.

Metal Militia Award


Plain and simple: skiing needs way more metal in edits. Thankfully Mark delivered on that front and brought some powdery heaters to the party from his time in Revy.


In other ski news, SLVSH Cup match #2 between Dan Hanka & Dale Talkington just dropped. You can read about the matchup & watch it here.