The Newschoolers community is incredible, there are so many members posting amazing content week in, week out. Content that doesn't get the attention it deserves. We've known for a while we need to highlight it better, and thus 'The Weakend' was born. But there's so much ridiculous skiing out there that I couldn't even do a small fraction of what drops on NS justice in one weekly recap.

Which brings me to Blue Name Bangers. And yes, I might well change the name because it's kind of shit. But the idea is a showcase of you guys, the community, the heart of what makes us, well, us. Just to be clear, I know lots of you are pink names, and you'll be there too. I think it'll be a weekly feature but for now, I'm going to give random edits made up awards at random intervals and see how that goes. I'm taking naming suggestions by the way.

Blue & Boujee Award - Kevin Bane

Highest rated blue of the week and deservedly so. Kevin has great style, a big bag of tricks and flows around park city much faster than you could ever find a parking spot.

Lost In Translation Award - Robert Szul

Dope editing and serious style. This has a bit much skier-philosophy (it's in polish, just don't read the captions if you don't like it) for me but the skiing is no joke.

Absolut Banger Award - Severin Guggemoos

Here's another euro-slayer who rides for K2 [Edit: He's just switched to Ninthward, hyped for that!]. Seriously thoughm how big is their damn team!? Everything is so on point with this edit though. He dropped today and it does not have sufficient views.

All Gas, No Brakes Award- Davis Lentz

POV kinda sucks in the vast majority of cases, but Davis definitely does not. Maybe it's because I'm injured and watching is the tiniest bit like skiing or maybe it's because he's seriously good, but I'm going to give him a pass on this one.

Keepin' On Keepin' On Award - Drew Ahlstrom

Continuing to send it while stuck in a sling is dope. Still being able to do 3 swaps, dub swap combos and more is just making everyone else feel bad.

Beach Bod Award - Will Reuland

This one starts pretty chill but damn, does it get wild as you go on. Another guy who skis fast as fuck, that's a great trend in skiing right now.