We discovered Kyle last year when browsing through the video section of Newschoolers. This past year, we put Kyle on our development team and worked with him to better showcase his skiing to the world. His style is distinct and embodies the easy-going attitude that skiing is all about. If you are interested in working with Bloom next year through our development team, please send us an email: jim@bloomouterwear.com


Interview by Jim Borchardt

To start of, tell us a little about yourself: how old are you? When did you start skiing? Where are you from? Etc.

To begin, I'm 19, started skiing when i was around 7, then switched to snowboarding until after watching Tom Wallisch's Superunknown when I was 13. I think I was on skis the day after hitting jumps doing safety grabs and ended up liking it a lot. I am from Uxbridge, Ontario and grew up riding Dagmar resort and working park staff for the past two years. Its just over 200 vertical, but I've made the most of it.

What's it like skiing at a resort like Dagmar? Are there a lot of talented kids around?

Dagmar was a great place to ski - It being 15 minutes from my house is tight. The lift is right above the main park which was sick to just watch lines and learn from skiers and snowboarders. it was about a 5 minute ride up then a hot minute down.

All the kids who skied at Dagmar were all on different levels and different ages but each one had style which made it enjoyable to watch no matter what the tricks were.

I know this year was your first year out of school, so what else did you do this past winter besides ski?

I worked on some filming of my own and editing. I spent a lot of time on 3d programs designing features, concepts and house designs. My dad and I got a vinyl cutter so I've been experimenting with that a bunch, just trying to perfect my craft and get a nice portfolio going.

I take it you're trying to pursue a career in some type of design?

Yeah, any type of design really. I like to do everything, certain things i am better at than others, but i like learning it.

Why do you ski?

When I'm skiing, I don't think of any problems I may have going on or something I'm struggling with. I just rock my shuffle and spend the time I have with who I'm with and what I've got in front of me. Whether it's a nice booter or a little bump in the run, I'll find a way to have fun with it. One thing I love about skiing is being inspired to try something different and then making it happen.Overall, I just love skiing and what it can do for you. There isn't much else I could see myself doing right now.

I agree. Skiing is always about fun to me. There's no point in going to the hill if that's not first priority. I've seen some skiers take competition so seriously that it seems like a job. What's your take on competitive skiing and its appearance in the Olympics recently?

I think as long as there are skiers keeping it real then I'm all for it! And I've never really gotten into comps much, but I think next season I'm going to try and get into them and see how I do and try bringing a fresh style with me.

I forgot to ask you earlier, what's working on park crew like at Dagmar? Do you have much of say in what gets built?

Park crew was fun to do, I tried to get my ideas into the park to add some variety and unique stuff but it never happened unfortunately. But I took pride in how the park looked and wanted it to be prime all day for myself and whoever else was riding it.

What's your plan for next year Kyle?

My plan for next year is to move somewhere with some buddies, film a season project, compete when i can, film edits and just have fun with it. Oh and I plan on getting a dog when I settle in. Dogs are the best.

Thanks for update Kyle. We look forward to more styleee skiing from you next season