If anyone has noticed, chances are slim, but over the past two days or so I really have been writing blogs like crazy, and here is another one.

So basically these are really fun to write and it is cool to write about things that are going on in life. So basicalllty my life is school and skiing. I go to school to talk about skiing with kids and fantasize on how cool it will be when the snow comes and hopefuilly how soon. So school bassically is really hard, despite the no homework we have tonight. I have 2 languages (latin 1 and french 4) then precalculus then chemistry then eng and social studies like everyone else. School is really stressful and hard and borning. So tomorrow I have 3 quizzes,...baiscally all gay...latin 75 questions then chem...sig figs then pre calc...pre recuisite unit test...Alright so about the skiing...

I am so pumped for skiing this year...after a great summer at High North I am pumped to show my hommies what i have learned and hope to improve leaps and bounds this year!

In my area basically loon opens nov 22 and they haev a rail jam on the 25, which i will be attending...

then whale back has a rail jame on the 18th...hope to be there too!!

Then I have been told that Mt. Snow is making snow, same with SR...so i am amped for that

Then last year WILDCAT (no park) opened OCt. 27 on the occurance of a rare 4 feet of snow.. basically I am coulnt be any closeer...


So tonight I wilol be surfing NS all night and trying to beet my record of how long I have been listening to NS radio..so i am amped

pictures are cool!::::.....:::>>::::>>>>