Whats up everybody,

It's been a while since I've written an update, so I'll fill you in on what's

been going on in my life for the last month or so. As some of you may

know, I broke my collarbone in early March in Japan. After nursing it

for 5 weeks the doc said I should be good to start shredding again

which was perfect timing because I would have a week to get used to

skiing again for WSI. So I drove to Whistler a week early and was giddy

with excitement to get back out there.

My first run through the park I just

straight aired all the jumps then went over to check out the halfpipe.

It looked kinda gnarly because of some recent snowfall but I thought I

might as well just slip through it and maybe do a couple 2 foot airs.

On my last hit in the pipe I clipped the coping and put my knees into

my chest...and heard a crack. I immediately knew what that sound was

and could feel bunch warm blood rush to my freshly re-cracked

collarbone. After getting some X-rays and talking to the doctor, I made

the call to wait at least 8 weeks this time before I go skiing.

So its been 5 weeks since the re-crack and I am going crazy. Spring is my favorite time of the year to shred and I can't

do anything but watch edits on internet of people killing park

shoots...oh well, I guess this is just making me hungrier and more

determined to git'er done when I'm back. I'll be back for MOMENTUM

summer camps on the whistler glacier starting in mid June. Shout outs

to my girlfriend Roz and my friends back home for keeping me sane

during the last 5 weeks of down time...Later.