So basically what I am going to be doing is every week bring in a mostly video and some text description of the ski bum life in Japan. Big shout out to Clayton at the Black Diamond Lodge in Niseko, Japan ( Basically the place is a Canadian lodge immersed in the mountainous Hokkaido Japan. It is a 5 minute walk to the Niseko conglomerate of a resort and there are great people from all nationalities around. Clayton and I have been scouting around for the latest and greatest booter spots, pillow lines, night clubs, you name it that Japan has to offer. We have had some big names such as Poor Boyz and MSP in the past and we are hoping to get some big names this year as well. So stay tuned in for the adventures of a ski bum in Japan and what the lodge has to offer. I apologize for the all go pro edit but it is the only resource available until we get a more designated crew. So enjoy and have a Happy New Year! 2011 should bring lots of adventures.