From Pushups & Optimism: As athletes, we have the opportunity to experience authentic ski towns, desolate stretches of highway, and scenic views that very few individuals will have the freedom to enjoy. Unfortunately, many of us become so focused on achieving our goals on the mountain, we loose sight of the wonders around us and forget how to travel and enjoy the world without our ski bags. Thankfully, this spring, I had the opportunity to explore Arches National Park in Southern Utah.Walking around Arches National Park truly belittles the viewer, producing an outer planetary feeling. Castles errupting out of the sand illuminate the skyline. From white-capped mountains, to desolate red planes, to the yucka plants that line the desert floor coalesce into a healthy sense of serenity. Despite 16 miles of paved roads meandering through the park, you truly feel alone, engulfed in a daze of wonderment and discovery as your eyes inhale the landscape. Monumental arches, towering canyon walls, and the complexity of lifeforms that inhabit this place are truly sacred and unlike anything I have ever seen. Throughout my travels, I have been fortunate enough to discover a host of unique locations, both well known and untouched. As one of the many national parks that flourish in our nation, Arches serves as a reminder that we are just guests on an ancient organism; breathing, developing, and changing everyday.Looking forward, I hope we make peace with our planet long enough to preserve Arches and other national parks throughout our lands.- Josh Bishop