Last year, Parker White, Chris Logan and Sean Logan left Level 1 Productions and the full-length ski film behind chasing the freedom and camaraderie that came to be known The Big Picture. The crew released five web episodes over the winter featuring the skiing of Chris, Parker and friends, across North America.

After spending a week with the crew in the Colorado backcountry Liam Downey summed up the project best, “Parker and Chris had left L1P on good terms at the peak of their careers…. What they had gone searching for, what they had found, was the autonomy of a blank canvas. It’s hard to beat a day spent skiing powder with your best friend, filmed and edited by your own flesh and blood to the music you listened to in the car on the way to the hill.”

The Big Picture is returning for a second year, with the crew “Still trying to figure out details,” for the year. In the meantime that means they’re “up in B.C. and I think the loose plan is to stay here forever.” Sounds like a solid plan to me.

I checked in with Parker and Chris about the project, and the upcoming year. Check it out here:

Last year was the first year on your own, filming for ‘The Big Picture’. Looking back on year one, how do you guys feel about what you accomplished?

Parker: After looking at all my years in a row it’s my proudest segment some of the riding is not as dramatic but I sort of like that about it and I think our entire final piece came together crazy well.

Chris: Feel like we did exactly what we set out to do, and then some. We went out on our own and tried to do something new and different which is always a little nerve racking. Real happy with the outcome and now were onto season 2, so we must be doing something right.

What does The Big Picture mean to you?

P: Freedom.

C: Family

Credit: Orage

What did you guys learn from filming smaller web episodes as opposed to full segments for a movie?

C: You have to work twice as hard to be able to have enough footage for every edit. You don’t have all season to put together a 3-4 minute part that drops in the fall. You have to get that much footage every month.

How was the support you received from the industry compared to a movie segment?

P: It was recieved really well from what I can tell. As much as I care about what the industry thinks of this series (which I do) I also sort of don’t. If that makes sense. I want people to see it the same way that we do but more so It’s important to me that all three of us are proud of whatever we create and whatever happens after that is what it is.

C: It was awesome to see how many people enjoyed watching it and all of the positive feedback. To have so many friends and family tell you that they really like what your doing is a great feeling

It seems like more and more skiers are switching over to smaller webisodes and individual projects. Do you think this trend will continue? Do you think full length movies will become a thing of the past?

P: Looking across the board more and more crews and projects are emerging for sure. I Don’t know if that speaks as much to full length films being a thing of the past as much as all of these new projects and crews being a thing of the present.

C: I think it just has to do with the accessability of the internet and how easy it is for people now a days to film stuff themselves and throw it up online. That and how big skiing has grown. There are so many dudes out there ripping that all of them aren’t going to be able to film with the big production companies, so they are doing things on their own. I think and hope the full length movies will always be around. I grew up on watching those full length movies and buying them from my local ski shop every year. They’re timeless. I would hate to see that shit come to an end.

To me, you guys, and others, like The Bunch, are leading a different direction in skiing, by really emphasizing a complete package of style and individuality, on and off the screen.

Do you have the intention to change skiing or to influence the greater ski scene? Or are you guys just out there doing you?

P: I don’t know about that but thank you. I wish more people would look past statistics, results, instagram followers and all that bullshit. None of that, to me, means anything. Pretty much all I dig and all I look at is style when someone or a crew can actually ski like themselves and do it well that’s what’s dope and that is what deserves recognition in my opinion.

C: Yea, much appreciated man but no I don’t go out with the mindset of trying to change skiing. I do it because of the love I have for it and how much enjoyment it brings me. There have been so many dudes before me that I have looked up to that have helped mold my skiing into what it is today. I basically take what I learned from whatching them and what I thought was cool and try to imitate that and put my own twist on things. If that happens to influence the next generation, fuck yea im stoked, but thats not the goal. Do you.

Is it all about the skiing? Or is there a bigger takeaway?

C: It started out being all about the skiing, but along the way with the skiing has come great things. Great friendships made, cool places visited, and awesome memories.

What was your favorite part of filming last year?

P: Prolly same as every year just being surrounded by close homies, good people. Doing and Exploring new places and things.

C: Doing exactly what we wanted to do with who we wanted to do it with.

You guys are coming back for more this year, what can we expect? Any trips planned?

P: Yeah man we’re fully back at it. Still trying to figure out details but we’re up in B.C. and I think the loose plan is to stay here forever. Look for more visuals, different terrain, experiences. It’s all new and it’s all good. I’m hyped.

C: Similar style to last year but bigger and better. The goal every year is to up your game from the previous season. So do that, hit up some new spots, and keep on pumping out edits.

Have you guys been filming already this year? Where?

P: Haha… Trying…

C: Slowly but surely. Montucky and now Canada.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

C: More fun times with homies

Any shoutouts or thank yous?

P: To everyone, Homies, Family.

C: Family, Friends, and everyone who has played a part in helping me get to where I am today