Im transplanted... ya I used to live in a major american city, with traffic until I recently moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin. Life's different compared to Boston, things move slow, things are more chill, not always good but very different, the people at cvs all your name, people hold doors for you it's kind of refressing, and although when I moved here, I did none of this I stuck to my aggressive city style. I can even feel it driving, people let you out when you signal, and there's limited use of the horn. Crazy... but kinda nice. I thought I could still adapt back until I took a drive down to chicago this afternoon. Chicago being the second largest city in the states is mad congested, and the same Big City Life you see in boston.

First off, I cross the border into the land of lincoln, i get cut off by some hot shit F.I.B. in a BMW. Then come up to first tollplaza in Waukegan. City Construction at it's best there trying to open open road tolling, so you dont have to stop to use your EZ-Pass, ever since last winter they have been promising, clasic big city union example a bunch of guys walking around starring at the pavement and one guy working.

Secondly, peoples atitude, im driving around the mall parking lot people all kinds of people are driving stupid, making illegal turns not signaling etc... I decide to make one turn and right away the horns start blaring and some hotshot F.I.B. yells "LEARN TO DRIVE YOU FUCKING CHEESEHEAD" theres a huge state rivalry between WI and IL and IL people prefer to think they are better, I don't really care either way, but in WI we dont act like tht.

Third, Traffic. It's crazy down there, and not only the fact that there are alot of people on the road, people just drive stupid, crossing 3 lanes, cutting you off. No wonder there are so many traffic jams there, people don't pay attention, and add 5 cars for every 1 car in Milwaukee, and it gets crazy.

I guess I've been away from this awhile, kinda nice. But I joke that im soft.

When I chilled out in MKE tonight i took some slow shutter shots while drving, maybe not the best idea... but here they are