Hey Readers,

Hope everyone is having a

good winter so far.  I just figured I would let you know how mine is

going at the moment...  Currently I am in Switzerland with level 1, the

crew includes Tanner Rainville, Wiley Miller, Jeff Cricco, Josh Berman

and myself.

 To be more specific we are staying in Switzerland but end

up skiing in France and Switzerland each day since you can cross that

border while skiing in the mountains here.  So far we have just been

skiing around looking at zones and snow quality.  We have got a pretty

big list of thing's to do and right now it is snowing out so it looks

like were going to have good snow when we take care of our list. 


mountains are really amazing here and well as how many skiers there

are.  One thing I noticed right away was how many people just seemed

excited to ski in general.  Many people have gear here that is well

over 7 years old but are just as stoked to ski as anyone.  It is kind

of refreshing to see, there is no attitude around here that I have

encountered.  Other than maybe not knowing how to speak french, that

would help me quite a bit.  I plan to take care of that this summer.

 Another thing that is different with on hill manners is the line-ups.

 There are no guide line ropes around to stop people from snaking each

other.  It was a holiday week this past week so it was a free for all

in the lift lines.  You can try to snake as hard as you can, no one

will say anything, because they are doing the same.  It all seems to

work out though.

We are here for about another week and a half then it is back to BC for me.  Happy shredding everyone!