Hey Newschoolers,

By popular demand I’ve decided to post a warmup routine that can benefit skiers before a long day of park laps. This routine can be done at home, in the parking lot, in the lodge or really wherever. It is import to give both static and dynamic input into the muscle-tendon unit to prepare them for activity. Static stretching and mobility work done throughout the week can benefit your skiing in the longer term as well. More joint mobility and flexibility means easier rotations and grabs. The three parts of the warmup will be broken down into static stretching, dynamic stretching and neuromuscular warmup.

Static Stretching:

The worlds greatest stretch is a quick and easy routine that targets the entire body’s mobility. Hold each position for at least 10 secs and go through the circuit a few times on each side. I'll also include additional spinal mobility and hip mobility drills you can practice that will unlock your spins to the future.



Dynamic Stretching:

Dynamic stretching creates neural input into and out of the muscle complex via stretch and force receptors. After static stretching, try this routine to get your heart rate up and get those muscles loose.


Neuromuscular Warmup:

For this routine, you’ll need some Therabands. These are easily accessible online for cheap. This routine is all about control, getting the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves prepared for movement.


Of course you can add these into any fitness routine as well, but I wanted to give you guys and gals a quick 10 min warmup! Enjoy and as always, land Gucci.