Hey guys it's been quite awhile since I've updated my blog so I thought I'd update mine and hope to inspire others to update theirs. To start off this season has been great. I've been learning new tricks on a daily basis. Sometimes its just small tricks but I love skiing and new tricks just add to the fun. Utah's been so sick this season. One day you can shred waist deep pow then the next day go rip an epic park. I'm loving every minute I'm out there riding the feeling is so great words can't describe it. Also I've been working at LevelNineSports.com It's so great. The people that work there are so sick. There's so many different styles there but thats what makes it so fun to work there. We'll there's a taste of my season so far. Hopefully more people will start writing blogs again. Here's a pic I took the other day when we got about 2 feet of fresh.