January 3rd of this year marked one year since my boyfriend, Danny Toumarkine, suffered a traumatic brain injury. We celebrated by heading up to Northstar for his first day back on snow since his accident. It was so incredibly amazing to watch him make his first turns. I felt like our year long journey was starting to come to an end. Since that day, we've been working on putting together his movie titled "Moving Forward." It documents his accident, recovery, and first day back on his snowboard and is a helmet awareness video. When I first heard about Sarah's accident, I immediately felt a rush of emotion. It was as if I was reliving being in the hospital with Danny. It didn't help that we were editing his movie which captures much of the hospital stay. From that moment until now, I can't get Sarah off of my mind. She's a pioneer, an inspiration, and a huge asset to women's skiing, but most importantly she has a heart of gold. Sarah has been gracious, humble, and driven throughout her career. I most certainly have been inspired by Sarah since day one. Her poster hung on my wall growing up right next to Kristi Leskinen and her corked nine at the WSI Big Air years ago has been forever embedded in my memory as the sickest thing I had ever seen a girl do. It's hard to imagine her fighting for her life right now. Thinking back on being in the hospital with Danny, one thing that certainly helped a ton was all of the amazing support. So I encourage that, keep sending positive thoughts her way...it all helps. Lot's of love to Sarah, Rory, and the rest of her family and close friends. Keep staying strong Sarah! You've got this.