And I don´t mean me not blogging for like a month, event though I am truely sorry for that. I don´t know what it is but when im not skiing I just stop blogging as well. but im gonna try to get a grip now.Allright, quik recap of what I´ve done since my last post. I went back home for Christmas. We had some snow issues so the park got up pretty late and when it got up it wasen´t built till it´s fullest potential. Allthough I didn´t do that much skiing during christmas I did manage to sprain my ankle. It got so much better so fast so I thought it was one of those one week injuries, so I packed my bags and headed over to Colorado. after almost a month in the US and 2 days on skis I can see now that it wasen´t.Now Im in Aspen for the X-games, and what I mean by the headline for this post is that it happened a lot since I got hurt.So much sick skiing going on. and since I´ve had like 3 good days of skiing the last 10 months (I actually counted the months today) all the guys are a little out of my league right now. And my ankle is´nt really a 100% yet, it hurt´s a bit when I do rails and big sw spins. But im glad to be here, meeting all the guys that I haven´t seen for almost a year and just having a great time. Tomorrow is qualifyers and I think I did one trick today at practice that im planing of doing in my run, so I Can´t really see me coming near of qualifying. But the moral about this story is to have a super fun time, all the time - quote Eric Cartman.Last I wan´t to give a shout out to Bobby Brown. dub cork 12 to sw dub misty 12. sickest thing I´ve ever seen. clearly a favorite with Andreas and TomPeace out!