Hey there. So, as I mentioned last time, my friend lost my GoPro on a kite skiing adventure down in Idaho. Due to.... shit... I still am sans GoPro. So, you guys are just going to have to take my word for it: Spring skiing has been SICK this year. March was pretty sweet, and April has been delivering some of the best turns of the season. Red Mountain shut down two weeks ago, but the post season touring has been excellent, with top to bottom good pow, making for great face shot and white room conditions.

I've been doing some recon on some lines throughout the year that I've been waiting to hit once the winter snow cycles taper down, but due to the constant refreshing of pow in the mountains we've continued to play in the trees. I fear that by the time spring skiing actually comes around I'll have begun work for the summer (our current start date is May 9th).

Speaking of sick lines. I've been wanting to make a trip to Bridger Bowl, MT all winter. I've been wanting to check it out for some time now, and this year I was set on making it happen. After spending the whole winter trying to get people to come with me, and with our ski hill closing in one week I decided "fuck it", and decided to drive down by myself for a few days. (this being just over two weeks ago) -- Now. I know this is common knowledge, but any time you ever cross the boarder, even if you don't think you have anything on you - check and clean your car. US Boarder Guards found a 1.3 gram bud in the back seat ashtray of my car. At some point, one of my friends put it there, and they found it. I had no idea it was there, but that is irrelevant to the reality of the situation. The end result, a $500 fine (dropped from $5000) and a minimum 5 year ban from America. I have been in love with the States for a while now, even to the point of figuring out the logistics of moving down there to spend my winters. This is the universe telling me that I have to spend more time appreciating the land called Canada, and realize that the grass here isn't that bad. At the same time, it just gives me more time to plan my shred attack on the land of the free. It's edits like this that make me want the US, and Bridger specifically, even more.

I'll get back to you guys at the end of the season and try to get a good TR up about my post season activities.