So, right off the bat, I expected I’d be failing to keep up with the postings, with traveling, filming mishaps, etc.  I rode Sunday, and assure you, there were a few layouts at the end of PC’s Pic-n-shovel, but didn’t get to film one.  Tuesday and today at Breck. I forgot to film one yesterday, as I was so excited to be back in CO. But this afternoon I decided to do a triple backie line to make up for days missed.  Of course, this being the first time attempting to film with my new phone, it didn’t work great. Then my phone dies, leaving us unable to film another run. But here it is so I don’t leave anyone hanging. Haha. Documenting fun is more difficult than I expected.

Wildcat indy, rocket air backie, layout.

I’ll keep my phone charged for tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll do six in a row. Woo! That would be a blast. Have fun out there.

Backflip #3-5 from corbin clement on Vimeo.