So the drive here was less than pleasant. Started out with having a semi truck tailgating me at about 50 mph through Minneapolis rush hour. Then me finally passing the 15 cars i was trying to pass, getting in to the right lane and having him purposely run me off the road. This was followed with a call to the highway patrol where 3 others called to report the incident as well. I later saw him pulled over on the side of the road by the highway patrol. Victory.So I drove another 1000 miles or so till I was just outside of Glennwood Springs, CO. There is this lovely little part of the road where it is 50 mph for about 10 miles. Well, just as I was on the last downgrade before the last 45mph turn I was coasting in 5th to avoid wearing the brakes and apparently was going about 60mph. A mile later I was pulled over. My cruise control was set to about 53 at that point so I was completely confused as to why I was pulled over. He asks how fast I was going, I say I had my cruise control set at about 53. He goes, "well I got you on the radar at 60 down that last bend. I was like... "oh... I was going down hill and watching the road rather than paying attention to my speed since I had my cruise control set." Sure enough, I ended up with a $165 speeding ticket. So what I saved in gas money, I made up in the form of a speeding ticket. So I stayed in Grand junction and headed out in the morning. Pretty easy drive till I hit the 168 going between Nevada and Mammoth. Thanks google for giving me the most god awful route ever. I now understand why the moment it snows, the pass closes. 15 mph through a one lane road with my brights on just isn't fun. But I survived. I am now staying at my friend's place till I can find a proper home.Now I'm off to work? I hope I am at least.