You heard it here first. BOGART, one of the most anticipated amature movies of the year, is shipping as soon as we get the DVD's back. Filmed all over the east coast (and maybe some of the west), Bogart takes a fresh look at skiing and shows just how fun it can be. With hours of bonus footage, including summer skiing, pooper park, I Hate NY (our full-length debut release), and anything else that a group of skiing deprived individuals can come up with, Bogart will make you want to ski, plain and simple. We don't have thousands of dollars in our budget; we aren't backed by huge sponsors. All we are doing is producing what we think a ski movie should be, and having lots of fun while doing it.BOGART features the talent of: Erik Olson, Pat Cowan, Evan Bogart, Ross Imburgia, Ahmet Dadali, Andy Parry, Tyler Secrest, Jon Shares, Will Wesson, and Giray Dadali.Don't miss out! Order now at for only $10.