This summer I went to New Zealand and discovered a liking for

sheep. At first I thought they were weird looking animals but by the

time my trip ended I realized how sweet they actually are. I saw male

and female sheep, I saw shaved sheep, I saw a little brown sheep with a

black nose, I saw a little brown sheep with a white nose and I saw

sheep with yellow and blue noses. I even chased sheep but didn't catch

them, but in the end I think they liked me.

    Also while in NZ I went (snow) park skiing. The mountains were

huge, but the ski mountains were small. The bars were fun but the beer

was expensive. The people were as nice and sweet as the fruit.

Snowpark, NZ

    Besides skiing I also traveled a bit. I went to Queenstown which

should be named the adrenaline capital of the world. They've got it

all: skydiving, paragliding, bungee-jumping, 4-wheeling, hang gliding

and even things I've never heard of like sky swinging, where you sit

in a harness pull a cord and go flying through the air 400 meters over

the city. I stuck to the souvenir shopping because my body was so soar

from skiing that it hurt when I sneezed.

    My last day in Queenstown I took a bus to the Fiordland National

Park and Milford Sound... WARNING: do not look at these photos if you

get jealous easily, you might resent me for some time. :) It was crazy

driving through the sheep- filled, quaint country side right into an

intensely green rain forrest and then seeing huge jagged snowy

mountains and winding up at the coast where you could see seals and

waterfalls. in- san- ity.