By Ethan Stone for

EVERYWHERE -- Axis Magazine, the self-titled "Rider's Voice" of the ski industry, returned to newsstands in its second winter. Although small, Axis promises strong writing, in-depth interviews with top professionals, and a 12-page gallery that dwarfs that of other mags.

In its inaugural 2001/2002 season Axis released one issue, which was packaged with Powder magazine. This year Axis is released independently, though both publications are owned by Primedia, Inc. Under the editorship of Matt Levinthal, the magazine features up-close-and-personal interviews, and it's debatable whether in the future Axis may rise into contention with Freeze, Freeskier and Powder for top readership amongst newschool enthusiasts.

The winter 2002 issue of Axis speaks for itself. With Sage Cattabriga on the cover, the issue includes a guest column by Mike Douglas, interviews with C.R. Johnson and Boyd Easley, and articles on Mt. Hood's Shamrock Motel and Sweden. The magazine reads like a true newschool publication, and although the content is small, it's very well done for a budding publication. Expect much more from this magazine in the coming seasons.

Editor Matt Levinthal says, "We try to capture [the energy of youth] with AXIS. We try to let the rider's voice be heard, because it's an energetic voice, one that has made skiing young again."

Look for the current issue of AXIS on your newsstands and be watching for Volume 2, Issue 2, on sale December 3. Also check out