In addition to its unique location advantage can also radiation to the thoroughness of Bangalore, Coimbatore and other southern industrial city. If you are prepared to develop the auto parts market is South Chennai market is your best starting point, especially for the Complete strut assembly. 21st century India will become the world's largest market within the first. Analysis of South Korean auto parts exports by product category shows that the wheel type, clutches and other parts account for a large proportion of such products in China is the largest market, followed by the United States, India and Japan. On the exports to India, depending on the Korean car manufacturers in the region, the supply of Shocks and struts and exported to the United States and Japan are mainly OEM repair parts and complete.

China's development model is to develop infrastructure, the development of manufacturing the quick strut model of development, and India on the contrary, India's infrastructure is very backward, very limited investment in fixed assets, vigorously develop the service industry in India , are "less input, more output," development ideas, can be summarized as "Indian Service" development model. Therefore, China and India are highly complementary, the establishment of China-India regional trade arrangement allows both parties to achieve win-win situation.   B2C | B2B2C