A few weeks back a friend of mine, Will Price, informed me about a project/cause he was involved in and had a great passion for. I don't know much about autism, but enough to know that its a large problem. I met Will last summer while hiking in Southern Utah. He's 78 and was cruising through Pine Creek with the rest of us. I later found out he's a local young shredder at Snowbird on a regular basis. The guy had energy and could hang with the young bucks. Super impressed. Seeing the amount of energy Will had on the slopes, I wasn't surprised at the energy he had off the hill and with AutismOne. He definitely conveyed the importance of this project, which led me to join AutismOne and advocate it to others.Will had a large hand in creating AutismOne, which is a online community that provides blogs, forums, radio, video, literature among other things to help educate and combat autism.I haven't had much first hand experience with autism, but from what I understand it is quite prevalent and gaining momentum. So please help Will and the millions affected by joining the AutismOne community and become more educated and supportive of the ones in need.Thanks.