For the last two weeks I have been on a Liberty team trip down to Australia with Dillon Natale and Kyler Cooley. Most trips I do are pretty repetitive, land in the airport, shuttle up to the hill, ski and hang in the hotel. This trip however was a lot different all thanks to our new friend Simon Blondel the Australian Liberty rep and distributer. From the moment we showed up we were busy cruising around the beaches, surfing, cliff jumping, swimming through caves, BBQ'n and everything in between.

We hung out around the Sydney area for about 3 days, then made out way down the coast, stayed there for a couple days and then off to the mountains for a week of shredding and the One Hit Wonder event. The mountains down there arent exactly like they are in BC which is what Im used to but it was still super sunny and felt like shredding the glacier which is always fun. The One Hit Wonder event was at the tail end of the trip and it was amazing. We had 5 days set aside to hit the jump just in case of weather, which was lucky because three of them were shit. We did however get two super sunny, soft perfect jump days and with a crew like that it was all time. Enjoy the photos.

Our first look at the city from a far

Endless beaches like this all day long

Start the day off right with coffee, and damn they make make some good coffee there

Raindeer tree

Harbour bridge, this thing is ten times as big in real life

Opera house with the Harbour in the background, tourist shit

Afternoon beers with Dillon

Late night grillin' kangaroo meat

Pretty self explanatory

We couldnt resist

Straight out of the water, as fresh as can be


Sunset beers


Finally got to the mountains, red pant crew hangin' loose

Hopefully the Liberty guys dont get pissed at me for leaking a pic of next years skis

Went out in the so called aussie "backcountry" for a day. This was what our hike out there looked like

The jump for One Hit Wonder

Probably the best jump I got to hit all year

All in all the trip was super fun and the comp was sick! Big thanks goes out to Liberty for sending us out there and be on the look out for the newest episode of BC Boys to have a full video recap of our trip. Also, dont forget to go here: and vote for me if your feeling it.