After some skating, a whole day of surfing, and uncountable Covid tests, the action got underway on the amazing setup at this years Audi Nines 2021.

Like most events these days, Nines was not open to spectators. But I managed to drag Woodsy away from the NS Insta for a second and he had an interesting view on that: "In essence, nothing really changes. Your primary objective is still to ski as well as you can. It really doesn't matter if there's one, none, or a gazillion, you still want to do your best."

"Of course we all have a bit of a show-off in us, so we want to show off for the crowd, but you put the tunes in and it's just you and the slope."

Everyone was killing it yesterday, with the young gun Matej Svancer doing switch frontflips with tweaked Japans off the huge

step up.

The ball at the top of the course allowed for plenty of creativity, seeing action from Jesper Tjäder, Kim Gubser and Finn Bilous among others.

Poaching the shot of Jesper doing Jesper things on the abominable snowball


Hot off a stellar contest season, Nico Porteus showed us exactly why he's XGames and World champ this year, bossing the quarterpipes all day. For those with more obscure tastes, Antoinne Adelisse did a few double Polish Donuts on the QP to the landing of the step up.

This feature is insanely big in real life.

A highlight for many was the customary Nines appearance from the GOAT. In trademark Candide, he turned up fully blacked out (although he wasn't the only one this year, with strict COVID restrictions) slayed and left. Ex-NS and now Downdays editor Ethan Stone was spot on, remarking that he "wouldn't be surprised if Candide was born fully blacked out and grabbing blunt."

The final day of the event is tomorrow, and we'll have a full roundup and more from the stacked crew on site.