Characteristics: Powerful, Stable, Versatile

Manufacturer's Description:

The 2018 Atomic Backland FR 117 was one of those skis that many of our customers inquired about. They knew that the ski got 10% stiffer in 2016 and last year they changed the ski to be 10% lighter thanks to HRZN Tech which is also used in the Bent Chetler. The crazy thing is, the ski was just as user friendly as it was before, but the new 117 had a higher top speed and better landing platform. The Backland FR 117 is so good about making short radius turns in the tightest spots and then letting it go at 60 plus. Playful, fun and powerful, that's the 2018 Atomic Backland FR 117. Many of our customers who love their Head Cyclic 115's are replacing them with this ski when they are ready to retire their Cyclics. The Atomic backland FR 117 will do it all and we are excited at how well made this ski is and how versatile it is everywhere on the mountain.

Sizes: 179, 186, 193 CM

Dimensions: 141 / 117 / 130 MM

Radius: 18 - 20