The snow is falling today and the temps are dropping. It has been a loooooooong Indian Summer but don’t worry kiddies…once winter is here it is here to stay.

I try not to panic at this time of year. Everyone should feel the same. We manage to get open for the Thanksgiving holiday and then it snows for three weeks straight giving everyone those “Powder Smiles” that have been vacant expressions in people’s faces since September.

MASTER PLAN (as always, weather dependant)

Snowmass Opening Park November 26th = Dawdler Bowl area for a jump and advanced jib line AND Water Plant Flats (where our opening park was last year) with an intermediate jib line and beginner jib line.

This is twice the amount that we were given to open with last year and your suggestions were taken to the top…YOU ALL WANT TO JUMP AND SO DO WE! On top of trying to get the Dawdler line open our plan is to have the triple line under Coney Glade Chair ready to line up and hit around December 20th …did I mention that we are shooting for a four pack of jumps instead of a triple line…gotta keep improving to stay on top!

Also, in case you haven’t heard yet…we are going to have two 22 foot Superpipes at Aspen Snowmass this year. The Snowmass Superpipe is set to open at the end of the first week of January and it will be a 22 footer…2 in one resort, how lucky are you?!

Buttermilk Opening Park December 12th = Top to bottom jib line starting on Teaser all the way to the base. It is too far out to predict what we will be able to do but this is our PLAN A. The Buttermilk 22′ Superpipe build starts between December 5th and 10th and we are aiming to provide a stunt ditch…excuse me, THE STUNT DITCH around the 20th.

If snow allows we are really going to do our best to get a solid line of jibs bringing you from the top of the mountain all the way to the base. Keep thinking snow!

If you are interested, check out the following link to vote in this year’s Ski Area Management (SAM) magazines Terrain Park Contest. See entries at

Our number is #34 at the very bottom.

I will keep you posted on how we are doing with our MASTER PLAN and what will actually be out there for you for our opening dates.