Arsenic is coming in hot to start off your Autumn with an exciting change of pace. Because I'm sure you've never spent a thursday night listening to music too loudly while drinking with a buncha dudes and trying on different cute outfits. Actually you def never did that last part, at least with a stage involved. That's where "Young & Lovely" really sets itself apart. We've got 10 of Burlington's hunkiest humans ready to be too sexy for their shirt while also wearing a shirt that is about 5XL too sexy for them.

Please join us for a evening you are not going to forget anytime soon because undoubtedly your mom will be asking, "Why are you attending a fashion show on Facebook" Make sure you show up Tomorrow night at 7pm so that you can give her the answer she deserves. See you there.

For those that can't make it I'll be going live on my instagram @arsenicanywhere tomorrow night for the event. The schedule is roughly as follows (All times EST.)

7:30-8:30PM Loupo set (

8:30-9:00PM Interpretation trailer, Eat the Guts trailer, Low Gain

9:00-9:30PM Fashion Show

9:30-10:30PM Crusty Cuts set (

I've been working on the release for quite some time and I'm very excited to show everything I was able to put together with the help of my friends and family. None of this would be possible without all of you. I make the clothes; you make the brand.