Welcome back everybody, to the second chapter of Around the World in 101 days!  Last time we left off with a cliffhanger (which was actually already answered in the last update).  Which country was I going to be wreaking havoc in next?


That’s right, Vietnam.  You’ve heard about it in your uncle’s crazy war stories for years.  Up until the Carter administration, Vietnamese people had been fighting off foreign oppressors for centuries.  Besides America, the Vietnamese have fought themselves, Laos, Thailand, China, Cambodia and the French (they started it!).

This is how everybody gets around in Vietnam…Motorcycles.  Whole families on one bike.  A dude hit our bus right after I took the above picture.  At the Cu Chi tunnels they were selling cobra wine, which is basically just Vietnamese vodka with a cobra in it.

I thought this was a little messed up…


Our hotel…

Found some caves

And a monkey who was reciting Shakespeare.

This is the island from Dr. No (Seriously)

I was on this plane for a grand total of one hour.  You tell me if that was a justifiable contribution to Global warming.


Everybody here wears yellow shirts on Monday (Seriously)

This is a legal vehicle in Bangkok


Found one of these

There is trash everywhere here.   Also cows.

The police roll with automatic weapons everywhere

Monkey shot

This dude was about to jump into this pool of radioactive waste to gain super powers

This dude is in the English marines and had just come from fighting in Afghanistan.  (Read: totally hammered)

This kid was a gypsy and he grifted our whole bus for probably $40 US

Here are some crazy pictures

Then I got to kick it with Ghandi and his girl for a while

Kingfisher is the greatest airline in the world. You should fly it sometime.

I hope this movie makes it to America

Well that was a whole lot of India


This is a sunset off the east coast of Sri Lanka

Welcome to the Suez Canal

Yes, this is an entire boat of college kids playing flip-cup while crossing the Suez Canal


We ported in Alexandria, I heard they had a library here but some Roman jerks burned it down or something.  Well I guess they rebuilt it and now it has wireless internet and fire extinguishers.

It’s just not Egypt if there aren’t camels involved.

Found a pyramid…



This place has come a long way since Indiana Jones

Found another pyramid…


This is Cairo from the center of the city

All hookah shops in America should look like this

1500-year-old graffiti.  As Old School as it gets.

This was the most intense bargain of my life

And I left Egypt pointed towards lesser known countries with a much greater promise of snow.  I had heard of massive mountains in Turkey (Mt. Ararat is nearly 17,000 ft. tall) and wasn’t there a winter Olympics in Yugoslavia back in the 80’s?  And isn’t Spain an awesome place to party?  Tune in next time for the thrilling conclusion of:


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