Newschoolers' Review:

The ARV 96 is a versatile, smooth medium flexing option that pretty much lets you take on anything you want in the park world. You can take it to decent sized jumps and you can swerve around the smallest of features. The shape handles soft snow pretty well for the size and the swingweight is nice and low. It doesn't handle harder snow conditions, or carve, as well as the Al Dente, which at 2mm waist difference is a fairly close competitor, though it's by no means bad. I'm a fan of both skis but I'd prefer the Arv for jibbing with it's fatter edges, quicker turning and lower swingweight, while favoring for the Al Dente for mountain versatility, pressing (with it's overall wider platform) and for all mountain shredding. -Twig

Characteristics: Playful, buttery, nimble, jibby

Manufacturer's Description:

The ARV 96's unbeatable versatility lets it serve different purposes depending on where you are and what conditions you're facing. Western riders will love this as a slightly wider park ski that also makes anything on the mountain a feature to hit, while East Coast die hards will look to this as their all-mountain freestyle ski. Everyone's a winner.

Sizes: 165, 172, 179

Dimensions: 125/90/119 @179cm

Radius: 19.5 @179cm

Flex Pattern: 6 - 7 - 6.5