ARMADA LAUNCHES NEW WEB SITE FEATURING NEW AR6 SERIES AND ENHANCED VIDEO DOWNLOAD CAPABILITIES Costa Mesa, Calif. [July 27, 2006] - Today Armada Skis., Inc. announced the launch of its new Web site. The complete redesign features updated team information and the first-ever look at the new AR6 series and Pipe Cleaner specialty model, in addition to the newly redesigned T-Hall signature model. The company also introduced arCast® enhanced video capability, which allows subscribers to stream or download the latest videos and news from Armada. “Our team, our products and our company have evolved dramatically in the last couple of years,” said Chris O’Connell, Director of Marketing of Armada. “We needed a Web site that reflected that. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive look at all of our products and make our team even more accessible to our customers.” The new Web site features:• New team section with all new photos and interviews• New product releases, including the AR6 series, Pipe Cleaner and T-Hall signature models• arCast feature allows subscribers to receive the latest Armada news and information. Users can stream or download multimedia to mobile devices and personal computers by choosing a variety of delivery methods (My Yahoo!, Google Reader, iTunes). • Expanded and frequently updated news sectionAR6 SeriesReplacing the AR5, Armada will introduce its latest ski, the AR6. This series still holds true to the intent of the AR5; however, it has undergone an overhaul. By widening the dimensions of the ski and drastically reducing the weight, it is even better-suited as a park and pipe ski, with improved all-mountain performance. This, combined with the addition of the 166cm size to the line, rounds out the largest, highest performance offering yet from the ski that started the Armada revolution. Graphically, the AR6 series features cutting-edge designs by world famous artist Mark Paul Deren (Madsteez™), who has completed projects for NIKE, Inc. and Redbull®.Pipe Cleaner Specialty Model The newest model to the Armada line, the Pipe Cleaner, has been in development for over a year. Once exclusively used by the pro-team in major pipe competitions, the ski is now offered to everyone. The limited-edition Pipe Cleaner closely resembles the general make-up of the AR6; however, this model uses advanced materials to further enhance performance. It features a high-grade racing base for the additional speed needed in major competitions, and includes Armada’s ultra-light core for the responsiveness and weight savings demanded by the pro team. Not to be limited in scope, the Pipe Cleaner is equally impressive as an all-mountain ski. T-Hall Signature ModelThe T-Hall Signature Model has undergone a construction overhaul, similar to that of the AR6. By incorporating Armada’s originally designed AR Core 1, reducing sidewall material, and consequently increasing the core width, the T-Hall is now lighter and stronger than ever. No longer including a factory de-tuned edge under boot, the T-Hall is more conducive to all-mountain riding than ever before. The ski remains the ultimate tool for progressive park riding and offers increased performance for the everyday skier.“To me, Armada is definitely – and will always be - the best ski company out there,” said Tanner Hall, Armada Skis co-founder and athlete. “Our team is strong, the company is growing; and most importantly, our products are the best they’ve ever been – both technically and graphically.” For more information on the company and the new products visit or call 949-642-6714.